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Brand Photography


Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

I love working with entrepreneurs, because I am one!


I understand how important it is to find the right clients for your business OR for the right clients to find you. The way you present yourself and your work to the world is a huge factor in that.

As a small business owner- you are your brand.

It's important to share who you are and why you love what you do with others, because that's how they become your clients. 

These images are about more than what you're selling or what services you offer. They're a way to show clients and potential clients how they can feel if they work with you. 

Kate Moon

Doing what you love and sharing it with the world, makes the world a better place.

Ivy Chiropractic

Why is Brand Photography so important?

Photography is more important than ever before to help a business tell their story.

-Having solid images for your brand makes your business more relatable and human.

- Your photographs are often the first impression for potential clients.

- Beautiful and consistent content helps clients recognize and trust in your brand.

- Good quality images help add value to your brand. Bad quality images take away the perceived value. So it's more difficult to develop trust.

- Good images can help tell your brands story and get your message across quickly.

- It's about more than the photograph, it's about conveying the experience.

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Love Note

"I just need you to know how magical your photos are- Your photos have something so much different going on. I can't explain it. It just happens. You seriously create something extraordinary that I've never seen another photographer capture. Thank you for helping me grow and expand Ivy in the way that you have. Holy shit, seriously Allie. THANK YOU"

- Kate Glebocki (Ivy Chiropractic)

Brand Photography
Built Like Steele

Branding packages

Package no. 1 

It's all about content.

It's not only important but useful to have lots of content that fits who you are and the image you want to create for your business.  This package offers you three photo shoots, for a variety of content and hours of coverage so you will have enough images for your social media, website, marketing and any other needs.

-3  shoots

-6 hours of coverage

-3 locations

- my brand session guide to answer any questions and give some tips to prepare you for you shoot.

- models, clients and employees participation welcome

-Beautiful online gallery

-You will receive ALL images, 

edited and digitally sent


health, wellness and authenticity

I only work with businesses that I believe in.

One's that support people's mental, physical and spiritual well being. It's important to me to work with entrepreneurs that love what they do and are pursuing their passions.  

Brand Photography
Brand Photography
Eden's Echo
Brand Photography

Branding packages

Package no. 2

This option is great for businesses looking to up-level their content. Some new images to keep up with your ever evolving brand and giving clients a peek into what your business has to offer.

-One 60 minute shoot of your business and services

-One 60 minute session of owner and/or     employees

- my brand session guide to answer any questions and give some tips to prepare you for you shoot.

- clients/models/employees participation  welcome.

-2 Locations

-Beautiful online gallery

-You will receive ALL images, 

edited and digitally sent

Emily Cassel
Brand photography

Let's Connect


Sometimes, you're looking for something short and sweet.

If your goal is to capture a couple images to update your content or to quickly get your business off the ground, then this is the session for you. 

- 60 minute session

- location of your choice 

- beautiful online gallery

- All images edited and digitally sent 

Brand photography
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