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couple's photography
In my opinion...

The trick to creating amazing, authentic photos is to actually enjoy yourself during the session. I'm not going to pose you and force you to smile for an hour. I want you to have fun and give me genuine laughs, because I enjoy having fun and laughing too! The more relaxed we are with each other, the more it will reflect in your photos. That's why it's so important that we make a good fit. I'm not meant to be everyone's ideal photographer. Only the right people for me. So if you are looking for an authentic, adventurous and maybe a little bit goofy, good time, then I'm your girl.




Why I do what I do

I'm a pretty simple person.

I love cutting through the nonsense to reveal the authenticity underneath. The world can get so complicated and noisy. But during a session, all of that kind of goes away and it's just my camera and my clients. Nothing else seems to matter except us in the moment and creating beauty from the simplicity.

So that's what I focus on, who we are today. It's not really even a choice- I get so lost in the present moment that it's the only thing that matters. Who we were yesterday and who we will be tomorrow are different people. 

So for me, it's simply story telling at it's most honest and pure level. 

Engagement Sessions
couples photography
Couple's photography
couple's photography


Portrait Sessions

Hour Session


- 60 minutes

- All Images included

(usually around 80-100)

- images are edited and sent digitally

- beautiful online gallery

- location of your choice

- Session guide

Charleston Photography
couples photography
couples photography
Couples photography

Taking the time to let a session breathe. To play and explore in our surroundings, to make nature a part of the images; the details and intimacy of moments.

All these things get to be appreciated during an immersive session. We spend an hour or more (as long as we need) creating portraits that you can feel. That have emotion and depth.

These sessions are very sweet and laid back. 

It's not about perfection, it's about authenticity.

Immersive Session

Creative & Intimate

- Up to 2 hours

- ALL images (around 150-200)

- All images are edited and digitally sent

- Up to 2 locations of your choice 

- Beautiful online gallery

- Session guide 

Elopements & Intimate Weddings

Click below to learn more about my elopement, adventure wedding and micro wedding packages! 

Are you planning something non-traditional? Perfect!

I love all things unorthodox, whether it's a backyard wedding, a ceremony in the mountains or a hot air balloon (true story), I'd love to hear about it. 

So reach out if you have questions or are ready to book.

wedding photography
wedding photography

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