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The Branding Experience

Before we start...

Are we a good fit?

Now, this is a pretty important question.

And it's important to answer before you go any further into the booking process.

As a photographer, I have a distinct style that revolves around capturing authentic moments of you and your brand. I am passionate about creating photos that feel genuine; So if you are looking for picture perfects poses, where not a hair is out of place, then I'm probably not your girl.

However, if you've been looking at my work and envisioning photographs that genuinely reflect the essence of who you are—an imperfectly perfect human—then let's tell your story!

YOU built your business, so let's make sure you have images that represent all that you are.

Branding photography session in cityscape on steps

Why is Branding Photography so important?

Branding photography is more important than ever before to help a business tell their story.

  • Having solid images for your brand makes your business more relatable and human.

  • Your photographs are often the first impression for potential clients.

  • Beautiful and consistent content helps clients recognize and trust in your brand.

  • Good quality images help add value to your brand. Poor quality images take away the perceived value. So it's more difficult to develop trust.

  • Good images can help tell your brands story and get your message across quickly.

  • It extends beyond capturing a photograph; it's about conveying the entire experience.

The booking process

Scheduling a photo session is an important first step to capturing your brand but it doesn't need to be complicated. Below is a step by step of what to expect in the initial booking process.

But know that we'll be collaborators throughout the journey.

If you're ready to take the first step, what I need is for you to send me your info and what you are wanting out of your session. The Booking Form that you'll need to fill out  just asks a few simple questions about the session you are wanting. Like what type of package, a little about your business and any ideas you have. If there's a specific date and time, please include that as well.

This is so I can get an idea of who you are, what your business is and how best to serve you. I am very flexible, so if you have special requests or inquiries, just ask! 

You can click on the Book Now button below that will bring you to the form for you to get started...


Unfortunately, I can't serve everyone so I may not

be available for what you need. My schedule fills up fast,

so the earlier you try to book, the better!

Branding photography session in city against brick wall

What's Next?

After I get your submission form, I'll reach out within a few days.

Heads up- sometimes my emails go to your junk folder so I usually do a follow up text if I don't hear from you.


Once we connect-

First, we'll discuss what session option is best for you and what you'd like to get from it.

Then, we'll make sure we have a date & time that works for both of us.

Typically, at this stage, I propose arranging a call or meet up where we can become better acquainted. If you're seeking multiple sessions, it's crucial that we get comfortable with each other, as we'll be collaborating to bring your vision to life.

A non refundable deposit is required for booking your session. An invoice will be sent to you so you can pay it online. The rest of your payment will be due the day of your session or broken down into installments if you have multiple sessions.

You'll be sent a contract agreement to sign and submit. This contract is a formality to make sure we're on the same page and both covered.  

Deposit  &

Wellness brand photography inspiration yoga pose against graffiti
The location & the right light, play such a vital role in your session. 

Then, we discuss locations!

Choosing the right location is so important because during your session, your environment becomes a character in your photos. I want you to move, play and feel comfortable where you are.

When it comes to your brand, you need to pick a backdrop that feels good. 

I have SOOOO many location suggestions I can giveI often send clients a link to my examples gallery, so they have visuals to look through.

But I also love exploring new places, so if you have a different idea in mind,

I want to hear it!

Session Guide

Before the scheduled date, I prefer to send out a session guide to everyone. This guide encompasses frequently asked questions and concerns - from big to small- that my previous clients have had. It provides valuable preparation tips for your session, including suggestions on attire and useful techniques that can have a significant impact. It should also help you understand what to expect and what you shouldn't worry so much about. 

Personal Branding photography for a painting artist
Personal Branding photography for a painting artist
Personal Branding photography for a painting artist
Personal Branding photography for a painting artist


I have a simple questionnaire that I ask clients to fill out before we meet for their session. It's just a few questions that help me get to know you and your brand better so we don't feel like strangers. 

For the Storytelling Journey Enrollment option, my comprehensive questionnaire delves into the depths of your vision, brand, and desired narrative, ensuring that every aspect of your photo shoot is planned and tailored to showcase your unique story.

It's important to be honest and open with me so we can create an authentic connection which we can then capture with your photos and video. 

And lastly, 

take a deep breath and get ready for your photo session where we will bring your vision to life, and hopefully, share a few laughs along the way. Keep in mind that our aim isn't to achieve perfection but to capture the raw, real you. From the candid instances of joy to the carefully crafted moments of empowerment. 

Branding photography for a yoga studio

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