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Some things to know and

what to expect from a photo session with me

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Do we make a good fit?

Now, this is a pretty important question.

And it's important to answer before you go any further into the booking process. Because, I have a certain style as a photographer. I am passionate about creating photos that feel genuine and fun; They are all about spontaneity and movement. So if you are looking for picture perfects poses, where not a hair is out of place, then I'm probably not your girl.

But, if you are seeing my work and thinking that you'd love to have photos that fit with the truth of who you are- a perfectly imperfect human- then let's go!

(It's Pretty Simple)

If you are ready to move forward, the first step is to send me your info and what you are wanting out of your session. You can do that now by clicking on the  

Book Now  button below...

The Booking Form that you'll need to fill out just asks a few simple questions about the session you are wanting. Like what type, how many people (including kids) will be included, any pets, or any location ideas you might have. If you have a specific date and time, please include that as well.

This is so I can get an idea of who you are and how best to serve you. I am very flexible, so if you have special requests or inquiries, just ask! 


Unfortunately, I can't serve everyone so I may not be available for what you need. My schedule fills up fast, so the earlier you try to book, the better!

Couple's portraits

What's Next?

After I get your submission form, I'll reach out within a few days.

Heads up- sometimes my emails don't go through so I usually do a follow up text if I don't hear from you.


Once we connect-

First, we'll discuss what session option is best for you and what you'd like to get from it.

Then, we'll make sure we have a date & time that works for both of us.

If we are on the same page, we get

you on my books!

The location & the right light, play such a vital role in your session. 

Then, we discuss locations!

Choosing the right location is so important because during your session, your environment becomes a character in your photos. I want my clients to move, play and feel comfortable where they are.

I have SOOOO many location suggestions I can giveI often send clients a link to my Examples gallery, so they have visuals to look through.

But I also love exploring new places, so if you have a different idea in mind,

I want to hear it!

My Charleston Folks


For sessions in Colorado, Minnesota or any destination session-

since I no longer live in those areas, my knowledge of local spots is more limited. But we can still have fun coming up with beautiful outdoor locations based off of what style you're going for! 

If you are booking an elopement or vacation/adventure spot then you probably already know what location you're going to use, which makes it easy for us!

Deposit, Contract 
& Session Guide

A non refundable deposit is required for booking your session. An invoice will be sent to you so you can pay it online. The rest of your payment will be due the day of your session. 

You'll be sent a contract agreement to sign and submit. This contract is a formality to make sure we're on the same page and both covered. 


I have a session guide that I like to send everyone before the scheduled date. This covers some common questions and worries that my clients in the past have had. It also helps prepare you for your session- from what to wear to little tricks that make a big difference. 


We get ready for your session!

I will also be sending you a questionnaire that you will need to fill out. I don't want us to be complete strangers when we meet for your photo shoot, so I like to have you answer a few questions so I can get to know you a little better. 

A little secret about me-

I actually don't enjoy having my picture taken. I feel awkward and my smile feels fake. That's why I put this little packet of tips together, for people (like me) who may overthink and/or worry about how their photos will turn out. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

It's an experience that you get to share with someone you love.

And I promise you, if you relax and enjoy the moment, your photos will turn out stunning.


Posing tips for your session

I know it can feel awkward and intimidating to have your photo taken. So here are a few tips to give you some direction!

Of course, I will be there the whole time guiding you through "poses", but reading through these may take the pressure off and help you feel a little more confident.

Family Photography


Feel Free

 to Laugh 

and Be


family photography
family photography

This is when getting your photo taken with a professional camera, comes in handy. 


couple portraits
couple photography
couple photography
couple photography
couple photography
take a deep


Your photos turn out better when you are relaxed.


adventure photography
couple photography

Be a 

in home portraits
Family Photography Colorado
Family Photography



elopement photography
family photography


engagement photography
kids photography




When you connect with the ones you're with, it creates intimacy that reflects in your images.


In home photography

Stop thinking you need to look perfect.

News Flash-

There's no such thing as perfect.

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The End.

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