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And though she be but little, she is fierce.   - W. Shakespeare


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a little about me...

I am originally from a small town in Minnesota but have also lived in California, Colorado,

Costa Rica and now South Carolina.

I moved to Charleston, SC in 2013.

I love traveling, reading, taking photos and going on walks with my two dogs.

I work at the Charleston Animal Society part time; taking pics of dogs and cats looking for their forever home. It started out as volunteering once a week and turned into a paying gig.

My two dogs, Grey and Clementine, are both mutts I rescued from a local rescue. I love exploring parks around the area with them.

I am 1 of 4 kids, so I grew up in a big family. The house was very loud.

Over the past two years, I have discovered my love of gardening. So far I only have about a dozen potted plants but I have dreams of growing a big garden in my backyard someday.

I love binging The Office, Parks and Rec or New Girl as I'm editing photos.


I currently have 7 tattoos.

I'm a Pisces Sun, Virgo moon.

I'm part wallflower, part free spirit.

I have a pierced lip. 

Sophia Bush is a role model of mine.

I'm always down to go camping or on any outdoor adventure.

I love ALL creatures from spiders to elephants. I've actually held a tarantula!

On my travel bucket list right now is Greece, Kenya and Banff, Canada!

I am a certified health and life coach.

Understanding who we are and living from authenticity is an important part of life that I've been exploring these last few years. It's an ongoing journey of growth and self discovery.

I grew up always having a camera in my hand. After I graduated high school, I moved to California to attend Art School, where I studied Film and Video. But I quickly realized that film is not what I wanted to do. Eventually, I changed my focus and fell in love with photography.

Capturing authentic moments is where my heart lives.

"Little Runaway Photography is absolutely AMAZING! Allie is so sweet and such a great photographer. I know I can count on her to deliver amazing photos. She makes sure that you are having fun and comfortable during the shoots. I highly recommend Little Runaway Photography."

-Sara Caton

"Allie was so incredible! The pictures she created are going all around my house. She is so personable and made the experience easy and so comfortable. 10/10 recommend this babe for any of your photo needs. We will absolutely be asking her for more photo shoots!"

-Kaitlynn Susewitz

Alexandra Founder of Little Runaway Personal Branding Photography Studio
Close Up of Alexandra Founder of Little Runaway Personal Branding Photography Studio

Kind Words

Create. Explore. Inspire.

My Values

I believe it's important to surround yourself with people who align with your core values. When you know what to expect and what kind of person you'll be working with, it helps create connection.

Authenticity- to show up as you truly are, with the willingness to be seen as an imperfect person and the willingness to accept imperfections in others. To show understanding and compassion towards those who are different than you and have had different experiences than you. To be real, with yourself and others.

Integrity- showing respect and honesty towards yourself and others. Living your life by a set of principles that you have deemed essential to your well being. Even when it's not the easy thing.

Courage- facing your fears and learning from them. Making mistakes, trying and putting in effort when you feel it's important to do so. Not letting others or society tell you what is best, but instead listening to your own heart and intuition. 

Creativity- Giving your imagination and intuition a seat at the table. Seeing wonder and magic throughout your day, week, year, lifetime.  Appreciating the beauty of nature and the world around you and not taking it for granted. 

Growth- Allowing yourself to change and evolve when you need to. Following the compass of your true self and not others. Being curious about your emotions, thoughts and desires and following that thread. Honor what lights you up.

Casual Personal Branding Photography at Beach Shore with Holey Jeans
Personal Branding Photography Inspiration Under tree in Nature
Personal Branding Photography Inspiration with Dog on Lake Dock

What I've been up to...

As much as I enjoyed working with families and couples, I have decided to change the direction of my business to exclusively serve brands. Over the past couple years I have been discovering that working with small businesses and entrepreneurs is what I truly love doing. I feel like I really get to be creative and push my limits. 

As nerve wracking as it can be to make such a big change, I really feel like this is the right next step. Cheers.

Personal Branding Photography
Alexandra Found and Travel Photography of Little Runaway Photography
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