Who we are

Nurturing authenticity from behind the lens.

Hi, I'm Alexandra, or as my friends call me, Allie. I'm the one behind the lens.

Originally from a small town in Minnesota, I moved to Charleston in 2013 after first living in California, Colorado, and Costa Rica.

I live to create and experience new things which is why Little Runaway Photography was born. When a new opportunity or adventure comes my way, I'm all in. And that's what each session is for me- an opportunity to get creative and have fun with new, amazing people.

Currently, I have 7 tattoos- I'm a Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon- I'm part wallflower part free-spirit- I have a pierced lip- I am a certified health and life coach- and Sophia Bush is a role model of mine.

When it comes to my clients, my aim is to have a great time and capture those authentic moments and emotions. I want us to feel comfortable with each other, like we're friends.  That way, not only will your images turn out extraordinary, but the experience will be unforgettable.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.
—W. Shakespeare

At Little Runaway Photography, we believe it's important to surround yourself with people who align with your core values. When you know what to expect and what kind of person you'll be working with, it helps create a connection. So here's ours:


To show up as you truly are, with the willingness to be seen as an imperfect person and the willingness to accept imperfections in others. To show understanding and compassion towards those who are different than you and have had different experiences than you. To be real, with yourself and others.


Showing respect and honesty towards yourself and others. Living your life by a set of principles that you have deemed essential to your well-being. Even when it's not an easy thing.


Facing your fears and learning from them. Making mistakes, trying and putting in effort when you feel it's important to do so. Not letting others or society tell you what is best, but instead listening to your own heart and intuition.


Giving your imagination and intuition a seat at the table. Seeing wonder and magic throughout your day, week, year, lifetime.  Appreciating the beauty of nature and the world around you and not taking it for granted.


Allowing yourself to change and evolve when you need to. Following the compass of your true self and not others. Being curious about your emotions, thoughts and desires and following that thread. Honor what lights you up.

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