Retreat  Photography


The magic of a retreat deserves to be captured with intention and emotion. That's where we come in. There's only availability for a few retreats every year so reach out to see if we can capture yours!

Starting at $350/day

Retreat Photography

Entrusting us to capture your retreat, you can expect , authentic, and emotionally resonant photographs that encapsulate the unique essence of your retreat experience, preserving the memories for years to come.

As a professional branding photographer with specialized experience in retreats, Little Runaway brings a deep understanding of the unique atmosphere, poses, and moments that make these retreats special. We know how to frame shots that convey the tranquility, energy, and spirituality of the retreat, ensuring that every photograph reflects the essence of the experience.

With our Retreat Photography Package, you can expect:

Storytelling Approach

I believe in capturing more than just beautiful images. My photography focuses on storytelling, capturing the emotions, connections, and transformative moments that unfold during a yoga retreat. By documenting the retreat in a narrative-driven way, I can create a visual story that resonates with participants and helps them relive the experience long after it has ended.

Attention to Detail

I pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each photograph reflects the authenticity and aesthetics of the retreat. From capturing the serene surroundings and picturesque landscapes to documenting the subtle expressions and intricate yoga poses, I aim to preserve the essence of the retreat in every shot.

Professionalism and Respect

I understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment during a yoga retreat. I conduct myself with professionalism and respect, blending seamlessly into the retreat atmosphere and capturing candid moments without disruption. You can trust me to honor the privacy and sacredness of the retreat space.

Lasting Memories

By hiring me, participants can relive their yoga retreat experience through stunning visuals that encapsulate the transformative journey. The photographs serve as cherished mementos, allowing them to revisit the serene moments, connections, and personal growth they experienced during the retreat. While also giving them the peace of mind that they can stay present and not worry about taking photos themselves.​

Retreat Photography Options:

Daily Pricing: $500 a day (2 day minimum) + travel expenses

Weekly Pricing: $350 a day + travel expenses

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Starting at $750

Branding Travel Photography

With a willingness to travel far and wide for our photography services, we have the flexibility to capture your brand's essence in diverse locations. If you want to work with us but you don't live in Charleston, please reach out. We offer opportunities to travel to you for a session.

We welcome an honest conversation to discuss your requirements and develop a pricing plan that reflects the raw beauty of your business and your needs. It's not everyday that you find a photographer that FEELS like the perfect fit for you, so if that's how it is, we'll make it happen!

Travel costs can vary depending on where you are and what your personal branding photoshoot will entail.

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Kate Moon,

"When I first saw Allie's work, I was immediately drawn to it. I loved the way she seemed to capture emotion, energy and passion in a variety of settings and subjects. A single picture told an entire story - I immediately knew I wanted to work with her. We started with a one on one session on the beach where Allie was incredibly professional, supportive, and fun. When I received the photos back from our session, I was blown away. Since then, Allie has traveled with me to capture two incredible retreats in Portugal and Bali, and has also done brand photography for my yoga studio and team."

Retreat  Photography
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