Adapting to Change: Surviving the Evolution of Your Brand

March 21, 2024

You don't have to be a business owner to understand how much can change in a year. I bet if you looked back on your personal life 3 years, there will be significant milestones or unexpected turns that happened along the way. Who you are today may look the same on the surface but underneath, you aren't the same person you use to be.

And that's good! Evolve or die is a common phrase in personal development rhetoric. If you aren't allowing yourself (in whatever capacity) to change, then you won't be living up to your full potential. You'll be playing it safe, living in your comfort zone. Afraid to try something new or different.

Well, when it comes to owning your own business, the same is true. When you first create your business model, it starts off a little messy (at least for most people). Because you don't know what you're doing! You're trying something new, learning, growing, adapting to the circumstances. Trial and error have been the leading guides for me and my business. I couldn't even list all the ways I tried to get my name out there in the beginning that led  nowhere. Smart people seek out mentors and teachers to help them start out- well, I've never been known for my smarts. I prefer to do all the wrong things before I eventually stumble across the right one. But even if you have someone giving you guidance, there are still a lot of lessons you need to learn. And sometimes you'll feel like you're in a good place, then life happens and you have to figure things out all over again.

Once your brand starts coming together and you get more of an idea of what you want out of your business, the changes still happen, they just come a little more intentionally. You realize one way of doing something is not the best way and pivot. Or you just no longer want to offer a certain service or you DO want to offer a different service. Things are constantly evolving and the more confident you become in your business, the more the changes flow and feel natural. Like taking steps in the direction you know you want your business to go vs. feeling lost and stumbling around until you find a tree that looks familiar.

The inevitable changes of a business are what inspired me to create The Brand Evolution Enrollment. I was working with all these women whose brands were changing so quickly. But I was also noticing how multidimensional all the women were as humans and how one session just wasn't enough to convey, not only all that the brand was, but the person. They were opening brick and mortar businesses, throwing events, hosting retreats, etc. They needed content that captured it all, the vulnerable photo of them by themselves that they can use when they want to share something personal. The laughing, joyful photo of their clients interacting together to convey community and get people excited. Not to mention all the different outfits they want to wear for pics!

Yes, you can fit quite a few looks and feelings into 90 minutes. But that content will only last you until the next season of your business, because then you're on to new offerings and new things. Of course, you can make the images from one shoot last you through the year. And it can depend on what type of business you have. But for a lot of people, visuals are an essential part of how they communicate with their audience. It's how they connect with people and inspire growth. Think about your favorite brand accounts that you follow on Instagram? What is it about them that you like? What makes you keep wanting to see what they're up to? What are you learning or getting from them? The general theme of what they are sharing might be the same, for consistency and brand recognition sake. But the hope is that there's some variety, some realness and some connection that draws you in.

Creating that connection through marketing and social media can be difficult. Especially, when there's a million other businesses and personalities all trying to do the same thing. So don't compare yourself to them. Because you're YOU. There's literally no other you in the world. So take all that you and your brand are and use it to attract the right people to you.  There's no easy answer on how to navigate the evolution you will experience. But what helps is knowing who you are and what your brand has to offer. Then showcase all of that in a way that people can connect to.

Some other things I've learned:

  • Give yourself permission to make mistakes and take the time to learn from them.
  • Don't give up if you know what it is you want.
  • Dream big even if others doubt you. But if you're going to dream big then you can't be afraid to make big moves.

"If you're going to be a dreamer then you better be a doer."

That's my new favorite quote I heard by Lainey Wilson. And it's so true. It's okay if you don't know exactly what you're doing when you start the journey of being an entrepreneur. But aim high. Be innovative. Being a trailblazer is scary because you're literally carving a path that has never been walked before. And even if your intention isn't to reinvent the wheel, you can still create a fresh take on what lights you up, just by being authentically you. By sharing what you do with the world and why you love it, you can teach, connect or inspire others.

If you go with the current of your brand then naturally you'll feel the pull of change. Sometimes, it may feel effortless and sometimes less so. But as long as you stay true to what feels right for you, you'll be okay.

Change is scary but what's scarier is staying exactly the same.

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